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Free Bodybuilding Articles

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Welcome to our free bodybuilding articles section. Here you will find the best bodybuilding articles that cover everything from how to gain muscle, lose fat, new and innovative workout techniques, what supplements really work, how do pro bodybuilders get so big, and much, much more!

My goal is to give you all the information you need to reach your goals. After 30 years of trial and error I have really learned what works and what doesn't for bodybuilding. You will learn everything you need to know about training, nutrition and supplements to build maximum muscle mass with minimum body fat.

We have the best bodybuilding articles on the following subjects:

  • Natural bodybuilding articles

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding articles

  • Female bodybuilding articles

  • Bodybuilding nutrition articles

  • Motivational bodybuilding articles

  • Health and nutrition articles

  • ...and many more!
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Bodybuilding Articles

4 Reasons Why You Are NOT Building Muscle The thought of building muscle when you are a complete beginner can seem daunting at first but in reality, the concept is simple. Train hard, Eat well and sleep well. Add consistency into the mix and you have a near perfect plan of action. So why do people find it so hard to see results in the gym?

A Bodybuilding Routine That Works Every bodybuilder is interested in the inside secrets to massive muscle growth. Take a closer look at your specific bodybuilding routine for the real secrets to muscle building success.

Advanced bodybuilding techniques Plateaus are when the training seems to be making no advancements but seems to get stale, tiring. Well, most of the gains you make will be in the first two years of your training. After that, gains are hard fought. Here are some techniques that all can use to spice up that training to break that plateau.

Alcohol and bodybuilding Too much alcohol (this is probably less than you think) is bad for your health, and bad for your physique.

Alpha Lipoic Acid benefits What are the benefits of taking Alpha Lipoic Acid for bodybuilding?

Arnold Schwarzenegger back workout One of Arnold’s tricks for building a broader back was to stretch and pose between sets of chin ups.

Arnold Schwarzenegger superset workout If you are a Beginner, Intermediate and/or Steroid-Free, decrease training volume, duration, and frequency. Arnold used steroids that helped him recuperate quicker and therefore train longer and more frequently!

Avena Sativa benefits What are the Avena Sativa benefits for bodybuilding?

Best kre alkalyn creatine supplement With all sorts of alkalyn creatine products out there, it is hard to know just which one is the best.

Best foods for building muscle If you want to build muscle you have to eat the “right foods”. And by right foods I mean foods high in protein, complex carbohydrates and also low in fat content.

Best mass building exercises What are the Best mass building exercises for each muscle? Don't waste your time doing a bunch of light dumbbell isolation movements when looking for mass. When you're into hardcore training you wantmaximum results, so here's how to get 'em.

Best testosterone booster for bodybuilding The amazing combination is made up of 10 supplements that help your body produce more of it's own natural testosterone while assisting your body in preventing heightened estrogen levels.

Beta Sitosterol benefits What are the Beta Sitosterol benefits for bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding 4 day workout routine With this routine, you will have three days rest per week and four training days total. While this sounds pretty easy, if you attack the weights with intensity, you’ll see dramatic changes.

Bodybuilding abdominal training A well-defined, muscular stomach is the goal of many. The right approach to abdominal training will be a big help in achieving that goal.

Bodybuilding and hair removal Bodybuilding hair removal tips.

Bodybuilding and milk Some individuals believe milk is the best post workout drink because the protein makeup in milk is 80 percent casein and 20 percent whey.

Bodybuilding arm training Increasing arm size is a goal of almost every weight trainer. In fact, arms are probably the single most admired body part.

Bodybuilding back training A great approach to back training will help you develop a wide and muscular back. A big back will not only increase the "V" taper from your shoulders to your waist, it will also help stabilize your spine during both light and heavy training.

Bodybuilding bulking diet Personally I feel that, unless you are holding quite a bit of bodyfat, it is fool hardy to eat clean all the time. You need look no further than all the big-boys in the sport to find out if this theory works.

Bodybuilding chest training tips The chest is one of the most visually prominent, impressive and powerful muscle groups. Training this muscle group can be challenging.

Bodybuilding exercise order The way most people go about the gym, they either have no plan and go from exercise to exercise as they feel like it, or just go to whichever exercise station is free.

Bodybuilding exercises for each muscle Which exercises to choose for your weight lifting program.

Bodybuilding food guide Use this guide to help you plan your bodybuilding diet. Most common bodybuilding foods are listed for protein, carbs and fat content.

Bodybuilding leg training routines Legs are the most powerful muscle group in the entire body and sometimes overlooked. Heavy compound leg exercises actually help your entire body grow.

Bodybuilding mistakes Sharing my personal bodybuilding story will not only entertain you, but educate you in order to avoid making the same mistakes I made.

Bodybuilding over 50 Bodybuilding is not just a young man's game, try these bodybuilding tips for men over 50.

Bodybuilding shoulder training routines Fully developed shoulders greatly enhance your physique. From a visual stand point, bigger shoulders improve your symmetry by giving you the appearance of having a smaller waste.

Bodybuilding split routines There is no perfect weight training program that fits everybody – no, not even Arnold Schwarzenegger’s program. People have different strengths and weaknesses, different priorities, different training histories/abilities, and not least, different schedules.

Bodybuilding supplements timing It is very important that proper timing is done while taking supplements as this improves effectiveness and performance.

Bodybuilding trapezius workout Try this killer workout for killer traps.

Bodybuilding weight gain diet The goal of a bodybuilding weight gain program is to put on size and weight.

Bodybuilding weight loss diet The goal of a bodybuilding weight loss diet is to reduce weight and in particularly bodyfat.

Bodybuilding with dumbbells Working out with dumbells has many advantages when it comes to bodybuilding. Good bodybuilding advice suggests you might consider incorporating dumbells into your bodybuilding workout routine.

Creatine information Creatine is considered by many to be the best nutritional supplement for muscle growth. We hope this page will be a useful guide for intermediate-to-experienced weight-trainers/bodybuilders interested in supplementing with creatine.

Chrysin benefits Helps to increase testosterone and lower estrogen in the body, which helps to gain muscle and increase strength.

DHEA benefits What are the DHEA benefits for bodybuilding?

Diet plans for building hardcore muscle Many people are under the impression that muscle building only requires a hardcore workout plan. Becoming successful in bodybuilding also requires one to have a diet designed to help gain a significant amount of muscle mass within a reasonable amount of time.

Eating for bodybuilding We have all been there, in the throws of a really good training cycle and a good supplement cycle, but the gains are not what you expect and the culprit is eating, or lack there of.

Getting started building muscle One of the most common mistakes that people who want to build their muscles make is copying what they see Pro Bodybuilders doing.

Hardcore bodybuilding motivation Sometimes we need motivation to keep to our training and diets, below you will find some of my favorite motivational quotes to help keep you on track.

Hardcore muscle building supplements Muscle building supplements that work.

High intensity weight training techniques It is a proven fact that building muscle does not come easy, and must be forced. I have listed some great bodybuilding techniques that will help you obtain bodybuilding results much quicker.

How many sets and reps I'll assume you have a full exercise program planned out with what exercises you're going to do on which days and in what order. Now you just have to decide how many sets and how many reps you want to use for each exercise.

How to build up lagging muscles Obtaining that perfect look can be difficult if a part of you does not want to grow like the rest.

How to choose a gym If you're gonna be Hardcore, you need to find a place to be Hardcore at! People often ask what to look for in a gym. So here are some guidelines.

How to get 6 pack abs If you joined your gym with the intention of growing big muscles, have you thought about your approach to it? You see a lot of people think that if they eat foods such as chicken and fish, have a protein shake and train each body part once a week, that this is going to give them big growth. The unfortunate thing is that it is not, however here are some tips to help you kick start into getting big muscles fast.

How to get big muscles As with anything in life, everyone has an opinion or a best way to get 6 pack abs. The thing is in getting the shape that you want, this is probably the hardest area to sculpt – but it can be done, you just have to follow some simple rules which I will outline here for you.

How to get lean muscle 6 reasons you're not getting any leaner.

How to get that ripped look One of the hardest things to do in bodybuilding is getting that ripped look. Especially getting the look like the pros do where everything is balanced and symmetrical and of course you'll want to have killer abs to go with that.

Kre Alkalyn benefits What are the Kre Alkalyn creatine benefits for bodybuilding?

L-Taurine benefits L-Taurine has been known to increase muscle mass, strength, reduce damage caused by exercise and help speed up recovery time between workouts.

Muira Puama benefits This plant can help increase the levels of testosterone in the body.

Nettle extract benefits What are the Nettle extract benefits for bodybuilding?

Nutrition secrets for muscle growth You can learn right now exactly how you should be eating and supplementing for the fastest muscle growth possible.

Post workout meal ideas Sample post workout meals.

Power bodybuilding routine Try this workout routine for building mass and strength. The first thing you need to understand about a great power routine is this, hard work, eating correctly and rest.

Pre-Exhaust workout routine The idea behind a Pre-Exhaust workout is to get the most impressive results in the shortest amount of time.

Progressive overload training principle If you keep using 50kgs for those ten reps, you won't get any bigger or stronger, because your body doesn't need to. What you need to do is increase the training load to put your body under more stress, and continue adaptations.

Saw Palmetto benefits What are the Saw Palmetto benefits for bodybuilding?

Secrets to bodybuilding Lets be honest - when you are working out getting the body you want is not as easy as you probably thought it was going to be. So what can you do to get the body you want? Well use these following tips and they will set you off in the right direction.

Secrets to weight lifting Building muscle is much easier than you think. Most people complicate the process by following bad weightlifting advice by other gym goers. All that is needed is a simple understanding of sound, scientific based weightlifting principles.

Six pack abs workout and diet Apparently everybody wants abs. Well here's the good news: you already have them! Unfortunately, they're probably under-developed, and hidden under inches of fat.

Tongkat Ali benefits What are the Tongkat Ali benefits for bodybuilding?

The brotherhood hardcore bodybuilding One of my favorite sites from back in the day was "Iron Brotherhood Hardcore Bodybuilding", I'm not sure what happened to them but they went down a few years ago and never came back. I'm reprinting some of their articles here as a tribute and because they have such great information.

The most effective bodybuilding exercises 5 reasons you should be focusing on big bang-for-your-buck exercises.

Tribulus Terrestris benefits What are the Tribulus Terrestris benefits for bodybuilding?

Underground bodybuilding tips Are you tired of the average run of the mill bodybuilding techniques? If so, then you have no more worries, there are many advanced techniques and tips.

Vanadyl sulfate benefits What are the benefits of taking Vanadyl sulfate for bodybuilding?

Zinc benefits Zinc is known to be needed to help the natural production of testosterone.

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