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Avena Sativa benefits

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Avena Sativa benefits for bodybuilding

Avena Sativa is an annual grass grown and harvested for the edible grain the grass provides. In most cases the seeds and stems are what is used for a wide variety of foods and for health purposes.

The value of Avena Sativa is extraordinary. It has been used worldwide as an antispasmodic to help Irritable Bowl Syndrome. People that suffer from IBS have abdominal pain and spasms in the colon. Avena Sativa has also been given to those with Cerebral Palsy to assist with the muscle spasms they endure. It is also a stimulant and nervine which is uplifting for those with depression and fatigue. It is considered an anti-fungal, and is full of antioxidants. Because of its detoxification power it has been used to boost uterine health as well. It has even been said that the alcohol based tincture of the fresh plant will aide in nicotine withdrawals.

Avena Sativa is supportive of the nervous system and will promote healthy nails, hair, skin, bones and muscle. Body builders across the globe should consider using it. Avena Sativa has avenacosides which is an active component used to boost testosterone. Most male body builders will agree that higher free testosterone levels mean bigger and stronger muscles.

Avena Sativa will promote muscle strength and size. It has vitamins B2, E, A, and calcium which are essential in any body building diet for men or women. If a supplement is used it is recommended to take 100-300 mg per day, two to three times a day for eight weeks. After the eighth week, wait two to four weeks before starting the regime again.

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