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Bodybuilding routine that works

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A Bodybuilding Routine That Works

By: Jim O'Connor of topbodybuildingtips.com

Every bodybuilder is interested in the inside secrets to massive muscle growth. Take a closer look at your specific bodybuilding routine for the real secrets to muscle building success.

There are many types of bodybuilding routines are available today. Many bodybuilders follow a three days on, one off, split routine, while others follow a five day per week weightlifting routine. Most smart bodybuilders break their body parts up in order to maximize recovery time between workouts. Are you utilizing the right routine?

When I mention the right routine, I am referring to the best routine enabling you to build the most muscle, and get the most recuperative rest. If you are not seeing strength and muscle size increases weekly, you are most likely not bodybuilding with enough intensity, or not getting the necessary rest for maximum muscle growth. Thus, you are not on the most effective bodybuilding routine.

My definition of the right bodybuilding routine is one which enables you to see an increase in muscle size, and growth on a regular basis. This routine is one in which you are not spending too much time in the gym, but rather spending more time out of the gym resting, and building muscle.

The fact is most bodybuilders are overtraining! They are simply doing much more than necessary, thus, short circuiting the bodybuilding growth mechanism. Below I will list some bodybuilding routine tips that should be avoided.

1. Don't Train Two Days In A Row - Even if they are different muscle groups, it is not recommended. Let your body recover, and grow from the stresses of the previous day. I sometimes allow three to five days for recovery between bodybuilding workout sessions. Then I am certain I have allowed enough time to complete the muscle building growth process.

2. Don't Follow The Canned Programs - I don't recommend following the canned programs others follow. There are too many variables that must be watched in order to see the greatest muscle growth. The best weightlifting tip I can give you is to track, test, and tweak your program until you are certain your muscles are growing on a regular basis. Tracking, or logging, is the only way to determine if the weightlifting program is actually working optimally for you. Don't be a follower, track.

3. Don't Train Twice A Day - Even if you take steroids, it is not recommended to train twice a day. If you are training at a high enough intensity, there is no way you will be able to recover from the demands placed upon you by training twice each day. Train once a day, but train harder!

4. Don't Believe Everything You Read In The Muscle Magazines - Just because a pro bodybuilder is huge, and uses a certain chest building routine doesn't mean it is the best bodybuilding routine for you. If you chart, track, and test you will be certain you are using the most effective, efficient advanced bodybuilding routine possible. It is quite possible the pro bodybuilder is not on the most effective program.

Utilizing the best bodybuilding routine doesn't have to be complicated as long as you avoid the four bodybuilding tips stated above. Don't make the mistake of following your buddies canned routines.

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