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How to choose a gym
for hardcore bodybuilding

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If you're gonna be Hardcore, you need to find a place to be Hardcore at! People often ask what to look for in a gym. So here are some guidelines that I look for:


1) Type of Equipment - Very important!! You should already have in your mind before you go in a gym what type of exercises you want to perform and see if they have the equipment. If you're going to do squats, look for squat cages.

2) Quantity of Equipment- Stay away from the one/two bench clubs. Bench presses are the most commonly used piece of equipment. If I see a club with only one or two benches, forget it! Also some clubs have only one or two EZ Curl bars, so check that out too.

3) Space - Look how much space there is in the weight room. If the equipment is really crowded together it can make for a tight fit when there are many people.

4) Ventilation - I've gone into gyms and started sweating just checking it out. There's nothing worse than a hot gym. When you're really working out intensely you could get too hot or get a headache.

5) Hours - Check the hours! Make sure they are open to you any time you want to work out.

6) Price - Pay for what you want to do. If you're not going to do Tae-Bo, PACE, Spinning, or swim in the pool, then DON'T PAY FOR IT! If all you want is a weight room, then pay for only a weight room. There's lots of "hole in the wall gyms" out there.

7) Crowded?- Go to the gym during the hours you want to work out before you sign up for anything. That way you can see how crowded the gym is during the times you want to work out.

8) Location - The gym has to be easy for you to get to, enough said.

9) Parking - Some times parking sucks, so look to where you can park if it gets busy.

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