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Best mass building exercises

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   What are the Best mass building exercises for each muscle?

Don't waste your time doing a bunch of light dumbbell isolation movements when looking for mass. When you're into hardcore training you want  maximum results, so here's how to get 'em.  If you don't know how to do a certain exercise than you should go down to your local bookstore and get one of the many books out describing exercises.

   Click on the muscles  (see Arnold pic below) you need to get pumped and go to the best mass building exercises for that muscle. The Primary category lists all the primary exercises in which the muscle is the hardest hit. The Secondary category lists all the exercises that the muscle is worked to a lesser degree but still stressed under heavy weight.   Remember: Form is everything. Go heavy. 

Click on the Muscle!

pose10.jpg (8725 bytes)




Primary: No substitute for the barbell curl with an EZ curl bar. Any dumbbell curl.

Secondary: Any exercise involving a rowing motion for the back. Bent over rows, etc.



Primary: Narrow grip machine pressdown. Lying triceps extension. French press. Narrow grip bench press.

Secondary: Any exercise for the shoulders or chest  that requires a press. Ex. Bench press, Military press, etc.



Primary: Upright row. Deadlift.

Secondary: Any exercise that pulls the shoulders downward while standing upright. Ex.) Heavy barbell curl.


Shoulders (incl. deltoids)

Primary: Dumbbell press. Military press. Behind the neck press. Any machine press for the shoulder, preferably Hammer.

Secondary: Just about every exercise puts secondary stress on the shoulders.



Primary: All grips for bench press. Hammer machine bench press. Dumbbell press. Dips.

Secondary: Military press.



Guess what. Everyone in the world has the "AB six pack" . It's just a matter of lowering your body fat so they can be seen. You can do crunches 3 times a week (try to do between 100-200 reps.( 4 sets of 25,etc.)) and see results.. Just watch your diet.



Primary: T bar row. Dumbbell row. Lat pulldowns. Cable row. Bent over row.

Secondary: Bench presses.



Primary: Wrist curls.

Secondary: Upright rows. Any exercise that requires you to grip.


Quads/upper legs

Primary: Squat. Leg press. Deadlift.

Secondary: Some amount of stress from exercises that require lifting while standing. Ex. Military press. Minimal at best.



Primary: Calf raise

Secondary: Squat. Leg press.


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