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Bodybuilding mistakes

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My Bodybuilding Mistakes Will Help You

By: Jim O'Connor of topbodybuildingtips.com

Sharing my personal bodybuilding story will not only entertain you, but educate you in order to avoid making the same mistakes I made.

It all happend while training for the Heart Of The USA Bodybuilding contest. I knew for me to win, I would have to train my guts out. Hour after hour of intense bodybuilding training. Well, my drive was at an all time high putting every single ounce of energy into my train. After all, I wanted to win!

My bodybuilding workout consisted of a 3 days on, 1 off push/pull system, plus 5 days a week of cardio after each workout. I was as consistent as possible by not missing one single day of training. It was all push, push, push.

Nutrition wise, I ate very low carb, and was as consistent as possible. The fat continued to drop; however my energy levels were dropping even faster. Even though my energy level was at an all time low, I refused to alter my program, and stuck to the task at hand. All I needed to do is tough it out, and work harder.

Two weeks prior to the contest I was so overtrained that I injured myself. Now I was extremely frustrated! How could I stop training. It was interesting to note the workout prior to the injury, I was training with a friend only to find out how much more training energy he had than me. I just didn't have any push.

To make a long story short, I couldn't compete in the contest. All that hard work for nothing. My extreme dedication, and drive actually injured me! Yes, I was training hard, but not smart.

The main point I want you to gather from my bodybuilding story is don't overtrain. I was grossly overtrained, and wasn't flexible enough to alter my workout even after knowing my body was burned out. It is so easy to overtrain when you want to win. Yes, once again, I trained hard, but not smart. Don't make the same mistake I made. Bodybuilding workouts are not about the quantity, but quality of sets. You should never spend more than thirty minutes on your specific bodybuilding routine. If you do, you are overtraining! Don't. Please learn from my mistakes.

If I would have cut my training session duration in half, and doubled the rest days, I am sure I would have seen better results, and possibly would have successfully competed in the contest.

Please learn from my bodybuilding story, and don't make the same weightlifting overtaining mistakes I once made. Be adaptable with your workouts, and not only train hard, but train smart. Good luck!

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