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Alcohol and bodybuilding

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Here's something you already know: too much alcohol (this is probably less than you think) is bad for your health, and bad for your physique. Maybe you don't even care about your health, you just want to look good naked. Unfortunately, alcohol may make the opposite sex look better, but it makes you look worse, and not just because you vomited on your shirt.

There are four main problems with alcohol (with regard to your physique or lack thereof, not general health):

1. Caloric density

Alcohol is a macronutrient (like protein, carbohydrate and fat), with a high caloric density. This means per gram, it has more calories than either protein or carbohydrate, and only slightly fewer than fat. This is bad. This is not where you want your energy coming from.

2. Inhibition of other macronutrients

Ingestion of alcohol significantly inhibits your body's ability to use protein, carbohydrate and especially fat. This means that the body uses alcohol preferentially, and so if you're drinking alcohol, the rate at which your body is burning fat is going to be drastically reduced. Alcohol also caused acute insulin resistance, which, without going into too much detail, is strongly associated with diabetes and obesity. Again, these things are all bad.

3. This is the best kebab EVER

This one is less scientific. There may be studies out there but I'm not going to try to find them. Instead I'll take it as commonly accepted fact that when people are drunk, they eat crap. Not only do they eat crap because they don't think about it, but then they think that it's the best tasting crap they've ever had. This is bad because not only are you eating crappy food as a consequence of drunkenness, but combined with point number 2, that's a lot of fatty food that you are not going to burn off any time soon.

4. Alcohol only makes you FEEL like more of a man

Alcohol may make you feel like more of a tough guy, or a god damn sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me, but that's because you're drunk and stupid. Evidence has overwhelmingly found that alcohol actually decreases testosterone synthesis. If you don't know what testosterone is, well, there is a reason why bodybuilders inject huge amounts of it into themselves. Let me put it this way: the more you drink, the lower your testosterone will be, which will not be good for your physique (or self confidence, loser).

So in summary, alcohol is bad. Sure, red wine has plenty of antioxidants and won't kill you, nor will a beer or two. But if you are anything more than a very light drinker, reducing your alcohol intake will go a long way to reducing your gut and improving your physique (and probably personality, but that's subjective).

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