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Secrets to bodybuilding

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Lets be honest - when you are working out getting the body you want is not as easy as you probably thought it was going to be. Just look around the gym and you probably see guys who have great muscle definition but would like to be big - or big guys with huge muscles that would like definition to go with it (and probably want to get rid of their big bellies too).

So what can you do to get the body you want? Well use these following tips and they will set you off in the right direction.

Set A Goal - Why are you going to the gym? What do you want to achieve? Start off by giving these some thought and then you have a target to go for. Big thing is though don't set yourself unrealistic targets that you probably wont achieve as this will just leave you feeling deflated. For instance if at the moment your built like Micheal Jackson then setting a target to be built like Arnie in 3 months isn't going to happen.

Commit - Lots of people in life are good at starting over, donít be one of those. Research your training program and then commit to doing it and don't give up. Don't hop from routine to routine as this will never bring results for you unless you give the routine a chance in the first place.

Education - lets face it you have to learn about anything in life you want to get good at. If you go into the gym and just randomly lift some weights without knowing what the exercise you are doing is actually doing for you then how do you expect to progress. It is the same when it comes down to diet as you need to know the right foods to eat to get the results you want.

Track Your Progress - Don't leave things to memory, write down what you are doing in the gym, the weights you have used for the exercise, the reps the sets only when you monitor it can you see progress being made. The good thing about doing this as well is that when you read your notes and see the progression it will inspire you to push on.

So hopefully you can take some inspiration from that to get yourself kick-started and if I had to pick anything to do out of that list other than getting started it would be to educate yourself because once you know how to then you can go do. A great way to start learning is to sign up for our free bodybuilding magazine below.

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