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Vanadyl sulfate benefits

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Vanadyl sulfate benefits for bodybuilding

Vanadyl sulfate is a stable form of the trace mineral vanadium, which is naturally found is such foods as black pepper, dill, eggs, shellfish and mushrooms. Vanadyl sulfate is said to have a similar effect to insulin, which drives nutrients into you muscle cells. Vanadyl sulfate as a supplement comes in both pills and powder form.

Many bodybuilders claim that vanadyl sulfate can help to increase muscle growth while at the same time decreasing body fat. They also claim increased levels of strength and increased energy levels. They say it improves vascularity because it increases the blood flow to the muscles. They says it gives the muscles that pumped up feeling even when they are not in the gym working out.

Most bodybuilders take vanadyl sulfate about twenty minutes before his or her workout so that they can get that muscle energy, fullness and better blood flow giving them more prominent veins.

Eating a large amount of carbs is going to have your blood sugar level increase and the sugar might be stored as fat. A bodybuilder will want to increase his or her level of insulin. What they are trying to do as the insulin increases, is to have less glucose in the blood that would be stored as fat. Taking vanadyl sulfate will increase the rate of the carbs and the proteins entering muscle cells. What this is going to do is swell each muscle fibre and increase the size of the muscle and its vascularity. Most people will notice a change in their muscle size after just three or seven days of taking vanadyl sulfate.

With all that you know about this mineral and all it can do for you, isn't it time you give it a try?

Note: Vanadyl sulfate is just one of the ingredients in our new Atomic Pump Creatine.

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