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High intensity weight training techniques

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Weight Training Techniques That Deliver Results

By: Jim O'Connor of topbodybuildingtips.com

It is a proven fact that building muscle does not come easy, and must be forced. Below I have listed some great bodybuilding techniques that will help you obtain bodybuilding results much quicker.

Studies show that increasing intensity over time will produce optimal bodybuilding results.The following bodybuilding techniques below will help generate higher intensity yielding greater muscle stimulation and overall muscular development.

1. Pre-Fatigue Technique - This technique is when the smaller muscle group is completely fatigued before super-setting with the compound movement. That way the larger muscles will take over and force the already fatigued smaller muscle group to complete more repetitions. Thus, an overload response occurs. A great example of this is doing leg extensions to momentary muscle failure followed immediately by leg presses.

2. Forced Set Technique - This bodybuilding technique is when you can't move the weight another rep, but force yourself by the help of a spotter, or applying just plain will to fight through another rep even if you can only hold it halfway up for 10 seconds.

3. Static Contraction Holds - This bodybuilding technique is the most intense overload tip available. The objective is to hold as much weight as possible at the strongest point in the range of motion. An example is doing a leg press where you are only pushing a few inches from full extension. The objective is to hold as much weight as possible, thus, activating as many muscle fibers as possible. Great results have been seen using static contraction holds.

4. Negatives - This muscle building technique focuses on the negative movement, or holding the weight up against gravity. Let's take a bench press, for instance. A negative is when you push the weight up for two seconds, and slowly lower it for four plus seconds.

Using these four bodybuilding techniques will do wonders for your muscle building results. It is advised to mix in each of these techniques in your workouts from time to time to increase the muscle building intensity. It is the bodybuilding technique of intensity that makes such a favorable environment for muscle growth.

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