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L-Taurine benefits

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L-Taurine benefits for bodybuilding

L-Taurine has been known to increase muscle mass, strength, reduce damage caused by exercise and help speed up recovery time between workouts. It can also work like insulin in the body, forcing more nutrients into the muscle cells. It is speculated that taurine acts likes creatine in the body by allowing a cell to hold more water thus it helps the cell to expand. Taurine helps in protein synthesis and thus muscle hypertrophy. It helps in the muscles capability to contract enabling the bodybuilder to lift more weight and/or do more reps, and the more weight he or she lifts the more tearing down of muscle is accomplished, and then the rebuilding of the muscle begins.

There are various studies done on taurine. One thing that was found was that it is a natural stimulant that is found in the body. Also it was found that those who used taurine did not have any depletion of amino acids in their bodies. They also found that a decrease of taurine in the body reduced force output. A reduction of force output simply put means less strength to lift weights, less weight means less muscle damage and rebuilding.

Whether the bodybuilder is engaged in an intense short term exercise program or a more lengthy volume training program the benefits from using taurine are readily seen. One study noticed that by ingesting just 6 grams of taurine a day, they were able to reduce systolic and diastolic levels associated with high blood pressure. High intensity exercise increases the reduction of levels of natural taurine in the body, thus supplementation of it aids in maintaining an ideal level for muscle cell recovery.

Also it has been found to augment cognitive abilities and an all around feeling of well being. In one study a combination of caffeine and taurine were used and it was found that an increase of mental cognitive abilities occurred. However because two different substances were used it is not known how much taurine played a part. This article has covered just small part of the picture of how much taurine can benefit bodybuilding.

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