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The brotherhood hardcore bodybuilding

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One of my favorite sites from back in the day was "Iron Brotherhood Hardcore Bodybuilding", I'm not sure what happened to them but they went down a few years ago and never came back. I'm reprinting some of their articles here as a tribute and because they have such great information. Their book "Alpha Male: The Path to Hardcore Natural Bodybuilding" is still available on Amazon.com

The Brotherhood's Philosophy of Iron

I. Pumping Iron

    Pumping Iron to the Brotherhood or the Tribe transcends exercise and just wanting to "look good". Those are very tangible goals for all us, even in the Brotherhood. We all want to gain mass. But, somehow pumping iron becomes more than that. It becomes more than mere exercise but a way of life. Even when you have a layoff for a month or even a year, you still ending hearing the "Call". You always come back. You feel guilty as hell when you miss a workout. People think you're crazy. Seem familiar?

II. Stick With The Basics

    Hardcore and natural is a way of life. It's in your heart as as well as the mind. We believe in hitting' the body hard with the basics. Lift heavy, use the basic heavy movements, eat, sleep, and give your body time to recuperate. That's the secret. It's not a magic supplement, it's not the new workout in the muscle rags, and it's not a quick fix. You're not gonna out put on 30lb.s of muscle in three months! It takes persistence, commitment, will power, and the vision. You are the rock in the gym that's there day after day, month after month, year after year. The others are pretenders.

    A gaggle of newbies always seem to rush into the gym after Christmas to lose 20 lb.s for summer. They come socializing, high volume 5 day a week workouts for over an hour each session, lots and lots of isolation movements. Yes, you've seen them. "Weider Babies", that's what we call them. They usually burn out in few months and gone from the gym. They ignore the basics. Instead of building a brick house of a body and then defining it later, the do bunches of light weight isolationist movements and wonder how come they haven't grown. Of course the remedy must be a supplement they're missing or the need of a new workout. That's how it starts. A vicious cycle of the uninformed that never stops. Here's the secret folks: pick five basic exercises (like squat, deadlift, bench, bent over row, and military press), lift heavy, and STICK WITH IT FOR A TIME!!!! For god's sake, stop changing workouts! It's not hard. It's just most people don't have the balls for intense heavy sessions over a long period. They want results tomorrow and aren't willing to work for what they want.

III. Hardcore Mentality

   With lifting comes camaraderie with your friends, the feeling of success as your bicep grows a 1/2" or you hit a new PR (personal record), overall it comes from within. It's the clank of the weights, the gritty hard drivin'music, and the natural high of lifting. It's the pump you get. The satisfaction. It doesn't matter where you lift. Home gym or regular gym. Hardcore mentality is with you wherever you go.  As walls or barriers are thrown in your path, you don't step aside. You move forward because you know in your heart, "Here comes the wrecking ball, baby!!"


   Rock ON!

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