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Underground bodybuilding tips

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Are you tired of the average run of the mill bodybuilding techniques? If so, then you have no more worries, there are many advanced techniques and tips. You no longer have to worry about being repetitive, now you can go with intensified techniques that will permit you to go beyond the reasonable failures. You can now work your muscles harder and grow stronger as well as larger.

One of the first things you will want to do, is forced reps. You will want to possibly have a spotter, but it is not necessary if your careful enough. Keep the weights moving at all times, keep it continually flowing and youíll be on your way to bigger muscles. The next thing you may want to try is what most bodybuilders call a pre-exhaust training system. What you will want to do is a set of isolations and then move onto a compound movement with absolutely no rest in between the two. For instance you can do dumbbell flyes and then move straight to a systematic bench press with either barbells or other weights. What this will do is tire your muscles faster and then move onwards to push the muscles harder than before.

Another good advanced bodybuilding technique is to do what is called supersetting. This is something you will want to do when you have little time during the day. It is another set that requires you have no rest between the two sets. For example you can do an antagonistic supersetting. This means youíll want to focus on one body part and then move quickly to another body part. For instance work on your barbell curls and then do your tricep pushdowns. Or, another example, would be work your back and chest. Keep it localized and quick.

Yet one more technique you can use well and with no rest that will help aid your body in getting bigger is called giant sets. Do quite a few exercises for one body part, and again remember no rest. For instance, do your chin-ups, seated rows, lat pull downs, and then once more straight-arm lat pushdowns. You can go through these numerous times, pushing your body to perfection and bigger muscles.

Remember, when your lifting weights in excess you'll always want to have a slight cool down period. You donít want to push it too hard and end up tearing a muscle, as that will set your advanced bodybuilding back quite a bit. If you donít push yourself, you are only cheating yourself, while that is true, take precautions and your body will let you know when it has had enough.

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