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How to get 6 pack abs

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As with anything in life, everyone has an opinion or a best way to get 6 pack abs. The thing is in getting the shape that you want, this is probably the hardest area to sculpt but it can be done, you just have to follow some simple rules which I will outline here for you.

Obviously you are going to need to exercise the stomach muscles to get definition on them, but just as importantly you are going to need to concentrate on what you are eating as this is crucial in getting a six pack.

As you may have already guessed, one of the key factors is getting the right amount of protein into your diet. Protein is important for two reasons, the first one as you are probably already aware of is that protein is the building blocks for your muscles but the other thing about protein is that your body finds it hard to break down, so this means that when it is breaking it down it is burning up more calories which means less fat and more lean muscle tissue.

You also need to have some fats in your diets, now of course I am not talking about saturated fats here I am talking about the good fats that are found in things like avocados, nuts and olive oils. Now don't have too much of it in your diet as it is high in calories but if you keep it to about say 25% of your calorie intake then it will go towards helping you get your 6 pack.

The last thing is your carbs. You need carbs in your diet to a certain degree as they help give energy, however for getting a 6 pack it is best to have your carbs just after training so they are absorbed and burnt off straight away before they get a chance to become stored fat in your body. Also as a by product of taking your carbs this way it will help with muscle repair after your workout.

These are just a few tips to help you get on your way, however there is a load more information like this available when you sign up for our free bodybuilding magazine below.

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