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Bodybuilding and milk

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Is milk good or bad for bodybuilding?

Many individuals think of milk as an ideal supplement for bodybuilding. It contains protein, carbohydrates, fat and various nutrients. It is also very convenient and relatively inexpensive. However, others believe that milk should not be used by bodybuilders as it is known to have some negative side effects such as gastrointestinal problems like bloating. In addition, some worry about the hormones that are in milk and fear that they will have an effect on their performance. The key to finding out if milk will work well with your bodybuilding routine is by experimenting and seeing how your body responds.


Protein is necessary for muscle growth and because of this it is important in bodybuilding. Milk contains all nine amino acids that are necessary for muscle growth and repair and contains about 3.3 percent complete protein. It is extremely easy to boost your milk intake in order to boost your protein consumption.

Post Workout Beverage

Some individuals believe milk is the best post workout drink because the protein makeup in milk is 80 percent casein and 20 percent whey. The casein protein is digested much more slowly compared to the whey proteins that are broken down very quickly, which can be unfavorable for post workout repair. In addition, the lactose found in milk help deliver nutrients to the muscles.


Some individuals avoid milk entirely and choose to get their protein and carbohydrates in other ways. Many people find that they are sensitive to lactose and these symptoms are amplified when milk is consumed regularly. Those who are sensitive to milk or who have an allergy may choose to center their diet on meat, fish and shakes for protein and grains, vegetables and fruit for carbohydrates.

How Much to Drink

As long as you do not suffer from an allergy to milk or are sensitive to it, you should have no problem boosting your intake and using it as a supplement for your bodybuilding. You should not use milk as a replacement for protein-rich foods such as meat and eggs. However, you may choose to consume a glass or two at each meal to increase your calorie consumption or use it as a post workout drink. While milk will not work for everyone, especially those who experience negative side effects after consumption, it is certainly worth a try. Remember to experiment to find out how much milk you should be drinking and listen to your body.

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