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Bodybuilding trapezius workout

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Killer Workout for Killer Traps

Have you worked your trapezius hard lately? Most people donít. However, this unique muscle really builds power into your body and it makes your body look hard core powerful. Here is a workout to give your physique some killer traps.

The training that best targets the traps is heavy duty shrugging movements. Upright rowing also works the traps very well. Combine the pair and you have the elements for building up your traps.

Heavy Duty

When you train your traps, donít let them off easy. Instead, place a super heavy weight load on them. One of the best ways to do this is by taking the weak link - your grip - out of the equation. Instead of being subject to how much you can hold, put a super overload on the traps by using the standing calf machine. And instead of doing calf raises, keep your lower body motionless and shrug the weight from your shoulders instead.

Build the weight load up over the course of a few workouts to a point where you are performing these shrugging movements with hundreds of pounds. Your traps can handle it, so pack the weight on and shrug away. Perform several sets of 10 repetitions each.

Another heavy duty tool for working the traps is the top deadlift. Ever hear of these? They were employed by the bodybuilders from the "old school" era. The top deadlift is just that - a deadlift that focuses on the top of the movement. You put your weight load on a barbell in the power rack. The bar should be situated about 2-3 inches from the top position in a full deadlift. You grab the bar, move it up the couple of inches, and start shrugging.

Since you only have to move the weight a couple of inches, you can put an extremely heavy weight load on the barbell and gain the advantage of using that heavy load on your traps. Perform several sets of 8-10 repetitions.

Heavy Pulling

The traps grow not only from shrugging heavy weights but also from heavy pulling motions. The upright row is one lift that lets you pull a weight load upward. The upright row is performed by grasping a barbell in the middle, hands 6-8 inches apart, and pulling upward, letting your elbows flare outward as far as possible as the weight is lifted. If you get it right you can literally feel your traps working during this exercise. You want to keep your body still and let the traps and shoulders do all the work.

Perform several sets of the upright row for 8-10 repetitions. Work up to using a fairly heavy weight load. Note - a heavy kettlebell can also be used for this movement and offers variety.

The final movement to work the traps is the heavy pull. This movement, favored by Arnold Schwarzenegger, differs from the upright row in that the hands are slightly further apart, a much heavier weight load is employed, and you allow your full body to get involved in boosting the weight at the start. Perform a couple of sets of 7-8 reps of the heavy pull.

Make your trap training a priority and watch how this unique muscle grows strong and thick.

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