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Saw Palmetto benefits

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Saw Palmetto benefits for bodybuilding

Saw Palmetto is a natural berry of a small palm tree and are comprised of various fatty acids and sterols. These sterols contain beta-sitosterol and stigmasterol which are active components of the saw palmetto berry. Saw palmetto aids in prostate health, helps ease persistent cough and increases a healthy digestive tract. As in certain libido enhancers, saw palmetto also helps increase vigor and vitality for bodybuilding and regularly active men. Since young men often use a testosterone booster when practicing their daily activities, they are at an increasingly high risk for developing benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Saw palmetto is not only highly effective for treatment this ailment, it is efficient in aiding other prostate disorders and considered one of the safe supplements in bodybuilding. Although it does not alter the level of your testosterone, saw palmetto does effect the metabolism cells that are taken from people who have BPH. Saw palmetto also aids the testosterone from becoming inactive. It been proven to be the most beneficial for prostate ailments. Men with hair loss issues have reported that it slows down the process by deactivating the breakdown testosterone into what it is called Dihydro-testosterone.

Using saw palmetto in your body building lifestyle varies from man to man but the general usage is one hundred and sixty milligrams twice per day. Some men have taken a larger dosage, expecting an increase in effect, but there was no difference between the large and small dosage. The results may vary, but most men have reported a significant difference from as little as six weeks. Although there aren't any real known side effects, some men have reported mild gastrointestinal irritation which gradually subsides after a the regimen has started.

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