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Getting started building muscle

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Nowadays, a lot more people are into bodybuilding, which is probably down to wider exposure of the importance of being fit. However, gaining muscle is no where near as effortless as the adverts and infomercials would have us think it is. Actually, acquiring muscle quickly, whatever they say, takes time and effort to get lean, well toned muscles. If you want to know the various muscle building procedures you need to do in order to grow the muscles you desire, then read on.

One of the most common mistakes that people who want to build their muscles make is copying what they see Pro Bodybuilders doing. These people rather often are big through their genes and quite often do not train correctly. Replicating their procedures will not guarantee you results, and may in fact will make you overtrain and you may even injure yourself.

So what is the optimal approach to strength training? The first thing you should use in your muscle building workouts are exercises for acquiring strength. More strength is tantamount to more muscle, so strength training is essential. In this case using free weights is perfect as it allows you to start off at your own tempo and build up. You could, if you desired, start with no weights on the bar and then over time build the weight up.

Now although there are tons of machines available, use mostly free weights in your workouts. The reason I say this is because free weights can in fact help improve your muscle building endeavors better than machines. Machines incline to force you into unnatural patterns that are given to injuries, whereas free weights promote natural motions. Using free weight helps you with your stabiliser muscles as well as you balance the weight not the machine. Finally, reliable machines are extremely pricey, whereas the best free weights are cheap. Barbells are great for lifting the heaviest weights. More weight makes more stress, which then creates more muscle. Dumbbells, on the other hand, are great for assistance exercises, but they should never be relied on for the main lifts. Mix your exercises up with barbells and dumbells. Using barbells as the main tool for your big lifts on things like bench press and squats, and then use dumbells for concentrated exercises.

These simple yet tried and tested tips can help you build your muscles the right way with regular and proper performance. For more muscle building routines, sign up for our free bodybuilding magazine below.

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