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Bodybuilding over 50

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Bodybuilding is not just a young man's game, try these bodybuilding tips for men over 50.

People often have a stereotypical view of how an older man should look. Once you get past your middle age and into your 40's and 50's, there is a distinguishable physical image in people's mind of the sagging skin, the love handles and general unfitness that goes with being an older. But, there are no limits to what you can achieve at any age. After you have started bodybuilding, you will look at yourself as if you are stronger, and that you have more endurance then you did when you were in your 20's.

An important starting point of bodybuilding is having a healthy metabolism. Your metabolism will determine how quickly you burn calories. However, your metabolism can be slowed down by the decrease in physical activity and the muscle loss that results from it. What can you do to combat it? Keep active, and make sure that you train and keep active as often as your body allows you.

Before you start a weightlifting routine, start with 15 to 25 minutes on the treadmill, elliptical machine, or stair climber. Make sure to follow this up with stretching exercises that are static and other movements such as bending tp your sides, touching your toes, twisting your trunk and swinging your arms.

Many older men go to gyms thinking that because they are over 50 that they can't lift heavy weights. So they choose light weights, but you are underestimating your own power. You should ignore the lighter weights and go with the basics of muscle-building. Train with heavy weights and low reps but only in good form not by cheating or swining weights.

Once you hit your mid 40's, it is possible to have issues with your joints. You might notice that you have picked a minor injuries more than you used to. It is necessary to include exercises to take care of your body and prevent injuries before they happen. It is recommended to add single-leg work-out like split-squats and lunges to assist strengthening your knee and ankle joints. Every week do some exercises that apply direct training to the rotator cuff. It will help to prevent upper body injuries.

As you seek to recover after your workout sessions, include exercises that help to prevent injuries. It is advised, to avoid exercises that put your joints in danger so avoid machine squats and behind the neck presses.

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