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Post workout meal ideas

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Sample post workout meals.

When you finish a workout you will need some time to recuperate and allow your muscles to rest as well as get rebuilt. As a result it is important to give yourself some time before your next workout. However while rest is a good thing to do, you will also benefit by having a meal. A post workout meal will allow you to accelerate and enhance the process of building muscle. When looking to have a post workout meal, it is important to consume foods and beverages that will help give you the nutrients you need in order to improve your muscle building and fitness goals.

The first thing you will want to do when having a post workout meal is to have a meal that is small and balanced. This means that you will want to eat very moderate portions of good foods that are low in calories as well as containing nutrients such as fiber and protein. These nutrients will help maintain energy as well as help build the muscles. A good example of a post workout meal that is small and balanced would be something such as a protein shake, water, vegetables and also a small can of tuna. This meal will give you an excellent combination of protein and fiber as a result.

Post workout meal sample #1:

1 protein shake
1 cup of broccoli
1 glass of water
1 can of tuna

Another thing you will want to get out of a post workout meal is one that contains a good amount of protein. It is a good idea to consume meals that contain at least 25-30 grams of protein. A good meal in this case would be something such as chicken or fish along with some fruit and water. This meal will give you some healthy carbohydrates, fiber and also the protein you need. The water will give you a beverage that provides you with some hydration as well.

Post workout meal sample #2:

1 glass of water
1 apple
1 can of tuna

As well as consuming foods that contain fiber and protein, you will also want to consume a low calorie beverage to go with your meal. The best beverages for a meal of this type include water and sports drink. These beverages help provide hydration but also electrolytes that will help give you some added energy to stay alert. Consuming these types of beverages are low in sugar and contain little to no calories. As a result you won't need to worry about drinking lots of calories.

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