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Bodybuilding weight gain diet

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The goal of a bodybuilding weight gain program is to put on size and weight, for weight gain purposes, a general guidline should be as follows in terms of nutrient consumption

2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight
4 grams of carbs per pound of bodyweight
.5 grams of fat per pound of bodyweight

So using the example of a 180 pound bodybuilder, this would mean approximately:
360 grams of protein per day
720 grams of carbs per day
90 grams of fat per day
Total Calories per day: 5,040

A sample bodybuilding weight gain diet to put on lean muscle mass would need to include a high quality Meal Replacement Product that can be consumed easily with a meal to insure enough caloric intake as well as be consumed during a workout to prevent MUSCLE BREAKDOWN while it is occuring.

It would also be neccessary to supplement the diet with an advanced high quality protein blend.

Eating 4 times per day along with protein drinks inbetween is all that is necessary in my experience for the purposes of weight gain and putting on muscle mass.

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