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Pre Exhaust Workout Routine

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What is Pre Exhaust Training?

The idea behind a Pre-Exhaust workout is to get the most impressive results in the shortest amount of time. The strategy is to exhaust or fatigue a specific muscle area. A pre-exhaust workout routine will entail isolation exercises that will fatigue the target area and then with no rest a basic exercises to build the strength and muscle mass.

Sample Pre Exhaust Chest Workout

When working on the chest it is best to start with Fly’s; the supine fly can be the starter. To accomplish this lie on the back on a bench and get two dumbbells, slightly bend the arms and raise and lower the dumbbells for a set of 12 reps. The next exercise is the Incline fly’s, this involves the same concept but the dumbbells are coming up and over the chest while you are lying on an incline bench. This should be done for a set of 12 reps. Immediately after that the bench press should be utilized, do not use very heavy weights at this time because the muscles are very weak. Complete all three exercises at least three times if you are able to and then stretch for at least a minute.

Pre Exhaust Training Tips and Suggestions

Always try and maintain symmetry and balance. After a few weeks of consistent training the exerciser should notice significant differences. As well as the physical appearance changing the individual should pay attention to his or her weak and strong areas and work to achieve symmetry in those areas. Always start off with a simple exercise, fatigue it and then move on to more complicated exercise. The primary muscle exhaustion allows the secondary muscles to kick in and build up chosen areas.

Always remember to warm up before and stretch after a Pre-Exhaust workout.

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