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How to get big muscles

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If you joined your gym with the intention of growing big muscles, have you thought about your approach to it? You see a lot of people think that if they eat foods such as chicken and fish, have a protein shake and train each body part once a week, that this is going to give them big growth.

The unfortunate thing is that it is not, however here are some tips to help you kick start into getting big muscles fast.

First of all do the big 2 exercises and they are squats and deadlifts. The reason that they are the big 2 is because they alone can work out approximately 75% of your entire body! Just to give you an idea, from these 2 exercises which you would normally associate to legs and lower back you are also working your traps, shoulders, arms, back. Gluts, hams, calves and core muscles.

Now the other thing with working these 2 exercises is that the intensity with which you can do them allows your body to release more growth hormone (which is what we want to grow bigger right) This in turn will enable you to become stronger in your other lifts that you still need to so you will be able to lift more weight, and more weight means bigger muscles.

OK next thing you need to do to get big is stick to compound exercises. What do I mean by this? Work on the big muscle groups, so you want to be doing things like squats as already mentioned but also leg press, bench press, rows pull ups and so on.

Final bit of advice is to watch your rest periods Whether you are going for muscle size or strength then you need to monitor exactly how long you are resting between sets. Also if you don't monitor how will you ever know if the increase in weights and reps you achieve is down to your muscle or longer recovery?

If you start with just these 3 simple steps then you will have put yourself ahead of the game and be well on the way to getting big muscles.


You now know that building big muscles is not easy as showing up at the gym and throwing back a few protein shakes. Apply these three simple steps in your next program and I promise that you will start building brand new muscle all over your body!

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