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Secrets to weight lifting

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Weightlifting Secrets for Muscle Growth

By: Jim O'Connor of topbodybuildingtips.com

Building muscle is much easier than you think. Most people complicate the process by following bad weightlifting advice by other gym goers. All that is needed is a simple understanding of sound, scientific based weightlifting principles. Do yourself a favor, and stop listening to all the fiction in the gym, and start following these proven weightlifting bodybuilding principles listed below.

1. Train To Overload- To build muscle mass it is crucial to progessively overload your muscle system. That means striving to improve upon the weight, or reps you had accomplished in the last workout. It is better known as increasing the intensity of exercise, or overload.

Increasing the intensity of exercise is the most effective bodybuilding tip to stimulate muscle growth. You can either lift heavier weight, increase more reps, or decease the time between sets. This is effectively known as increasing the intensity. Always strive for higher intensity. Higher weightlifting intensity ellicits productive muscle growth.

2. Get Adequate Rest - The muscle grows when the body rests, not during the workout. Therefore, the weightlifting workout stimulates the bodybuilding process, and the rest effectively increases the muscle and strength in your body.

If not enough rest between workouts occurs, the bodybuilding process is short-circuited, resulting in lack of progress. Therfore, I encourage you to get optimal rest between weightlifting workouts.

The only way to know if you are receiving the optmal amount of rest is to chart your progress. If your weights and reps are climbing, your muscles have compensated, and overcompensated; thus, you are getting optimal rest. However, if your numbers stay the same or decrease for weeks on end, you are overtraining, and not getting enough muscle recovering rest.

3. Track Your Progess - That which is not measured can not improve. I encourage you to track your weights, reps, and exercises each and every workout. Tracking is the only way to know if your body is responding to your custom bodybuilding routine.

4. Consistency - After setting your goals, you must remain committed, and consistent on your program in order to see effective bodybuilding results. Think long-term, and plan for at least six months of consistent effort.

After you have set your goals, it is time to design your program. Each program is different, and dependent upon your goals, and medical history.

5. Don't Overtrain - Don't do too many sets! More is not better when it comes to weight training. Think quality versus quantity. Weight training is not aerobic training, but anaerobic. Anerobic means high intensity, and short duration. My recommendation is perform two sets per exercise. The first set is the warmup set, followed by the all-out, high intensity, work set.

It is also recommened to pay attention to your progress chart in order to guarantee optimal muscle building rest between workouts.

6. Eat For Success - Eating a well balanced, bodybuilding diet will aid your muscle building effort. Just remember, training is what adds muscle, eating too much, adds fat.

Weightlifting success doesn't have to be complicated. By following these six bodybuilding tips above, you will quickly stop listening to others, and start sharing your weightlifting success stories with others.

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