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Trinidadian bodybuilder steals show at Nationals

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The objective of the event was to crown a Mr. and Ms. Independence Bahamas, but a foreigner stole the show Saturday night and garnered most of the spotlight at the 30th Annual Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation's National Championships.

Even if he didn't steal the spotlight, Trinidadian Darrel Charles surely left with hearts of many Bahamian women in his pocket as he entertained them with his captivating guest performance.

Charles is a professional Bodybuilder who travels and performs on both the American and European tours. He won the last show he competed in, which was in Rome, Italy on the European tour.

He also recently returned from the Arnold Swartzeneggar Classic in Columbus, Ohio and the Iron Man Classic in California, both on the American tour.

Saturday night at the Sheraton Grand Hotel on Paradise Island, Bahamian fans didn't know what to expect from Charles at first, but when he came out and they saw his mass and muscularity, they cheered profusely and begged for him to return after he departed the stage.

On his return, Charles came down in the audience and gave the Bahamian ladies an up close treat. He also addressed the Bahamians fans after his performance and gave his gratitude for a warm reception.

"It is always great when a Bodybuilding athlete comes on stage because you work so hard to get here and the people respond favourably," Charles said.

"It was a fantastic crowd and I had a great time. They like what they saw and I really enjoyed the crowd," he added.

Manageress of National Nutrition Center, Avis Bullard, who is responsible for bringing Charles to The Bahamas, said that Bahamians really got a show of what a true professional is like.

"We have good competitors here but he is truly a professional performer. That is the first time that I have witnessed a professional performer and he really displayed muscles at its best," Bullard said. "Due in part to that, the Bodybuilding nationals was a real success and he definitely added a lot of publicity to it."

Charles visited the center that afternoon and Bullard said that just his presence alone was good for business.

"He is so popular that a lot of phone calls came in when people learnt that he would be coming to Nassau and would be stopping at the National Nutrition Center," Bullard said.

"We were exceptionally delighted to have him in today. All of the customers who came in were very excited and he definitely brought a lot of customers our way."

Charles said that he had a great time in The Bahamas and added that he definitely will be back.

"I know that the Caribbean people know how to enjoy themselves and Bahamians are no different. I really had a good time and I am already looking forward to coming back," he said.

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