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Workout buddies win bodybuilding trophies

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Workout buddies win bodybuilding trophies

Date: 27.07.2003
Posted by: Anabolic Info Team United States

Two St. Bernard Parish firefighters brought home trophies from the Southern Gold Classic bodybuilding championships held June 21 in Gadsden, Ala.

Eddie Estopinal, 38, a captain with the St. Bernard Fire Department, won first place in the junior middleweight division and first overall.

Earl Bush, 50, a deputy chief with the department, finished second in the master's division.

"We worked hard, and we were both looking forward to getting on the stage and competing," said Bush, of Meraux. "Some people think it is hard to put on posing trunks and go out on the stage in front of hundreds of people, but when you train the way we do, you look forward to it."

Estopinal and Bush have been working out together for more than a decade. Estopinal has been in 10 bodybuilding contests, while Bush has competed in eight. They both have won several first- and second-place trophies.

The two firefighters train five or six days each week at Fitness 2000 in Chalmette where they lift weights and work on cardiovascular conditioning.

"It's good to have a training partner," said Estopinal, of Violet. "We motivate and encourage each other. And on those days when you don't feel like going to the gym it's good to have a partner who can get you going."

A strong desire to keep in shape is the primary reason for the two men's devotion to bodybuilding.

"I used to play football and basketball until I hurt my knee," Bush said. "Then I took up weight lifting and bodybuilding. It has become a habit for me, just like brushing my teeth."

Estopinal said he enjoys the challenge of setting goals and constantly working to improve his performance in bodybuilding shows.

"Some people challenge themselves by running marathons or climbing mountains," he said, "I find the same kind of challenge in bodybuilding."

Estopinal and Bush have to carefully watch their diets, which includes large portions of protein and a reduction in carbohydrates, especially eight weeks before a contest.

"I've just about given up eating out," Bush said.

Both men say they probably won't enter any more contests until next year.

"But we will keep training," Bush said. "We are driven to be the best that we can be."

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