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Dan Holtz NASCAR Driver
Recognized For Extra Muscle

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An editor at Muscle & Fitness magazine -- who happens to be a NASCAR fan -- wanted to do a story on a driver who relies on physical fitness and bodybuilding to get through races.

So he did some research. When he found Mesa Marin's Dan Holtz (pictured, left), the search came to a quick end.
Holtz is an accomplished driver with NASCAR's Featherlite Southwest Elite Series and a body builder.

He's being recognized for his efforts in both fields, with his own four-page feature in the November issue of Muscle & Fitness.

During a race, things can be pretty demanding both mentally and physically in the cockpit. Drivers have to wrestle the car around the track while keeping their heads in the race.

In Holtz's division, drivers don't have air conditioning.

"Your body is pumped with adrenaline all the time and your heart's racing and you're tense and you're stressed and the heat," he said. "The physical abuse is amazing."

But being fit makes it all more bearable. Holtz trains six days a week for more than two hours a day.

So far, it's paying off this season. His team has a win and a pole, and is fourth in points.

"Anything I can do physically to make myself more prepared for the battle, I believe it's worthwhile," Holtz said. "I'll continue to train as hard as I can and try and keep my body where it needs to be, so when Saturday night rolls around, I'll be ready."

Holtz also has encouraging words for anyone who wants to get into shape.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams," he said. "Live the life you've imagined."

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