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Bahamas strong in women's heavyweight

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The Bahamas has a strong chance of dominating the women's heavyweight division today at the 31st Central American and Caribbean Bodybuilding Championships.

Leading the way in that division at the Wyndham Resort in today's final will be Gina Mackey and Rochelle Bain who are looking like the frontrunners for the gold and silver. In what order will be determined by the judges and what they are looking for.

But both Mackey and Bain were impressive in the semi-finals last night, along with Venezuela's Yusmary Sosa, who was not as defined, but had very good muscle symmetry.

Veteran Maxine Darville was also in the mix, but was not as defined as either Bain or Mackey.

But Mackey in her fifth CAC competition is hoping this is her year for the gold medal after a second place performance in Venezuela last year and three bronze medals from previous competitions.

"It's not really tough," said Mackey after she got a chance to look at the competition, "but I don't know what the judges are looking for."

For this competition, Mackey has improved a lot from nationals in her legs, back and biceps. She's also put on size, which she said she believes will be to her advantage.

As she prepares for tonight's final she is confident and has faith. And competing on home soil for the first time she says is exciting, but does not make her nervous, because she knows people in the crowd.

Mackey was indeed one of the crowd favourites, and her fans encouraged to keep it tight, and she did just that with a huge smile on her face.

Mackey will also vie for the mixed pairs title with Raymond Tucker, another division, the country is expected to sweep, with husband and wife team Aaron and Michelle Green the favourites.

"Raymond and I will really put more into it tomorrow," said Mackey. "Chances are we're fighting for first and second with Michelle and Aaron which I can deal with because they're Bahamians. We all want to win, but we all want to beat the next team. If it's a battle between us two then we just have to battle," she said.

Tucker, who returned to competition in November after a two-year suspension says he will be happy whatever medal they win.

"Jena and I have a good thing going. I feel we're in the top two, with (Aaron and Michelle), and the Venezuelans (Sosa and Edward Duque) made a good showing in their routine, but I'll take first, second or third. I'm just happy to be competing," he said with a smile on his face.

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