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Former bodybuilding world champion
Azman Abdullah to make a comeback

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After 8 years away from the sport, Singapore bodybuilding's prodigal son, Azman Abdullah, is making a comeback.

Azman, who was suspended for 4 years in 1995 after a false allegation charge against the federation's President, wants to put the past behind him.

And the former World Champion is being given a second chance by the Federation.

Azman Abdullah was one of Singapore's best bodybuilders.

The 2-time Sportsman of the Year (in 1992 and 1993) had an illustrious career in the 1990's.

3 SEA Games gold medals, various Asian championships, and the ultimate, the World Championship in Korea in 1993.

Then his career nosedived as he was embroiled in a bitter battle with the federation.

Though acquitted, Azman was slapped with a 4-year worldwide ban.

Now he wants to go back to his passion and the big guy is even looking at the coming SEA Games.

"I come back because I think I can contribute more for Singapore to bring back more medals for Singapore. I still need more time to comeback and do my intensive training, but if he wants me to compete in 5 months, well I try my best."

The federation's president, Paul Chua, has accepted Azman's apology and is hoping he will be a boost to the team.

"Azman's return to the fold will add more strength to the team particularly in the light heavyweight category. He can do well in that category, he is known for middle weight, 85kg or 90kg and we lack athletes of that bodyweight in Singapore," said Mr Chua.

Despite Azman's inclusion, the federation is still maintaining its 3 gold target for the SEA Games.

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